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Lauren Liess Interiors_Interior Design_Great Falls


In collaboration With Unique Kitchens and Baths


In collaboration with Rugs USA

Hardwood Flooring

In collaboration With Wellborn Wright


In collaboration With Woodbridge Furniture


In collaboration With Taylor King


In collaboration With One Kings Lane

Lauren Liess Interiors_Interior Design_Great Falls, VA


Our Signature Collection

Lauren Liess Interiors_Interior Design_Great Falls, VA


In collaboration With Atmosphyre


In collaboration With Architessa


More information coming soon.

We are honored to collaborate with some of the industry's most innovative and dedicated artisans, craftspeople, and manufacturers in the creation of our product lines. Each collection is designed by Lauren and embodies her signature collected, down-to-earth vibe. The hallmarks of her designs—quality, craftsmanship, and a storied feel—are reflected in every product.

The people behind our collections are passionate about their work and the care they put into each piece. These tiles, textiles, furnishings, cabinets, and other elements, are the product of long-standing traditions and years spent honing their respective crafts. These collections exude the personal touch of the makers, often literally. We have frequently found ourselves jumping for joy or hugging through tears when we are able to see and touch the tangible incarnation of our partnerships. We hope you feel the same when you see them in your home.

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