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Our design philosophy is not only about embracing imperfection but celebrating it. It's raw, rediscovered, handmade, and homegrown—we believe home is a place where your story is woven into every worn edge. It's the embodiment of our belief that meaning and contentment aren't bought or achieved but cultivated. It's grounds for living.

We design interiors that inspire connection—to the faces around your table and the world beyond your doors. Every home we touch is an opportunity to create a piece of living history, a celebration of both the meaningful and everyday.

a note from Lauren

"Design has always been my chosen medium. Sometimes, it's restoring the architectural soul of a historic structure and sometimes it's creating something where there was nothing. Either way, for me, it's this canvas of possibility. I see every detail, big and small, as a chance to create something emotive for my clients—something that will inspire them to slow down, exhale, savor the moment."

Lauren Liess Interiors_Interior Design_Great Falls, VA

About Us

Lauren Liess Interiors is a full-service residential design firm located in Great Falls, Virginia, transforming homes nationwide.

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